The Hotel Utah Calendar – Booked Almost Every Night

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The Hotel Utah Calendar – Booked Almost Every Night

hotel utah calendarIf you take a look at the Hotel Utah calendar, you will quickly notice the fact that there is a concert almost every single night. This is definitely something special and quite rare in the music entertainment world. It is a statement that is made by Hotel Utah Saloon in the sense that there are so many different opportunities to have fun and to basically find a really good concert that you will like.

What will you find in the Hotel Utah calendar?

You need to take a close look at the calendar simply because of the fact that it lists absolutely all concerts that are held at Hotel Utah saloon. See what acts are to appear and then look at some information about the bands that will sing there. You can easily find some that you love and some that you’ve never heard of until now.

There is always a link that will take you to a page where you can buy tickets. Since you are using the Internet while looking at the hotel Utah calendar, you should also try to find information about the bands that you’ve never heard of until now. You may never know when you will find a new band that you will love and that you might become a fan of.

The Open Mic at Hotel Utah

In most cases you will notice that there is a gig every single day of the week. It is quite rare that one is not planned for weeks to come. For every single one you will need to pay tickets and we recommend that you do it in advance due to the fact that it might be possible that the show is fully booked.

During every single Monday night you gain access to a free event called Open Mic. This is actually a very interesting chance for beginning artists to get a reaction from quite a critic crowd that is used with folk, rock and acoustic bands that appear every single day. hotel utah show calendar

You can go there during any Monday, just like the Hotel Utah calendar says and do everything that you would like from singing to stand-up comedy. You can use a house guitar that is available for free and even the piano can be used if you want to use it.

What is quite nice with Open Mic is the fact that there is always one performer that will perform a half an hour set at 9 PM on every Monday. It is basically a moment where you have a break from the people that perform for the first time there. To make everything even more interesting, all Open Mic sessions are recorded and you can see them uploaded on the saloon website. You can even get there from the official Hotel Utah calendar page and then share the performance in the event that you found it to be really great.

Go and look at the Hotel Utah calendar right now and see what is planned. You might actually love something!

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