The Hotel Utah Saloon Review

Hotel Utah Saloon Review

Hotel Utah Saloon is a very interesting hip music spot where you can listen to many different underground musicians and bands on most nights of the week. In most cases you can expect to hear folk, rock and acoustic concerts with special entertainers appearing from time to time. There is even an open night mic night where people can showcase their talents and receive the honest reviews of the local crowd.


Since this is a complete Hotel Utah Saloon review, we have to talk about its design. People keep saying that they feel well here because of the atmosphere and design. We can say that the style is quite simple but also modern at the same time. Scenery and lighting are quite unique and there is also quite an earthy vibe that is attractive. Basically, it is that place where you can sit and just have a great conversation with anyone. You will always hear the sound low key, except during concerts.

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On the official site of the Hotel Utah Saloon you will read that the location can accommodate around 200 people during a concert. A good Hotel Utah Saloon review will tell you that the average crowd size is of around 40 people but more can be accommodated if the concert requires it. However, we do not recommend the sale of many tickets if you are an artist and you want to hold a concert there. As already mentioned, the concerts that are usually held here are rock, folk, acoustic and open mic.


As expected, the age of the crowd is similar to what you would normally find in people that would attend such concerts. In most situations you will find people in their twenties and thirties with the musicians’ average age around 20 to 40.

What is served?

band at the hotel utahContrary to what you might be tempted to believe at a first glance, Hotel Utah Saloon does not only sell drinks. In fact, you can easily find a Hotel Utah Saloon review that will tell you that the cuisine is actually very good and there are many that keep coming back to eat. Alcohol prices are a little above average but this is to be expected from a location that is built in order to accommodate live music.

Hotel Utah Saloon Review – What are people saying about it?

This is a really important factor that we need to take into consideration so that we can see if a location is good or not. Some might not like it but the truth is that Hotel Utah Saloon enjoys a huge popularity among people 20 to 30 and even with other age groups. If you ask around in the area about where to go to eat and grab a drink, many will recommend this location.

You can visit every single day of the day but if you want to attend a concert, we recommend that you buy your tickets in advance. You can easily do this from the Internet without any problem. Payment by credit card can be done and if you buy before the event you are sure that you will get a reserved spot.


The Hotel Utah Saloon Review in SF, CA

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